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United Kingdom . Europe . Australia . South Africa
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United Kingdom . Europe . Australia . South Africa
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United Kingdom . Europe . Australia . South Africa
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Driving Data

Our energy is entirely devoted to helping you understand your customers' driving behaviour with the industry's most accurate driving data and trusted driving scores. Our services and products are specifically designed so you can re-assess risk, discount safer drivers and manage your customers more effectively. Clear results that make sense to help your business innovate, compete and grow.

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Makes Sense

Everything we do is designed to make driving data make sense to your business. MAKES SENSE is our pledge to more actively communicate this customer journey to you. It’s a long-term commitment from Wunelli to create simple and clear ways to present valuable driver data with insightful analysis. We’ll do more of the expert data work so that none of our clients need to.

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Mobile Apps

From state-of-the-art data collection to games and driver comparisons, get the latest apps from our development team available through Google Play
and the AppStore. See what we could build for you with applications designed for all types of users to rate their driving and check whether telematics is the right solution to lower their premiums, and for brands to engage in the rapidly growing market of usage-based insurance to deliver their customers safe driving services enabled by smartphone.

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Telematics Solutions

Wunelli telematics solutions enable insurers and brokers to launch usage-based motor insurance products in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner. Our solutions ensure that our clients can move to market with the confidence to create innovative products to fill market gaps. Whether it is hard-wired, OBD2 or a smartphone solution, Wunelli offers a completely outsourced solution or an integrated package that links the telematics to existing internal systems.

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In this issue...

  • Is Telematics A Long-term Antidote?
  • Does it tell us anything new about risk?
  • What might global Insurers learn from developments in the UK?
  • How will telematics change account management?


With all this data we couldn’t resist
telling you a few stories. New ones
are always on the way, so check here
for the latest Wunelli infographic.

When are you most likely to speed? After 802 million miles what have we learned about our speeding habits – especially the time, make of car and county where we are more likely to speed?

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